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The days of using bulky hotel reservation books to maintain visitor logs are a thing of the past. Even in modern times, hotel booking reservation systems are constantly updating. Why does hotel software seem to change overnight? It is constantly changing because it plays a major role in increasing business. As they say, behind every successful hotel booking business is a well designed hotel software program.

Finding the right hotel software can be complicated. So, if you're frustrated with people telling you to place your data on their ‘clouds’ -- you're not alone. Finally, there is a hotel reservation software that allows you to manage unlimited hotels from your own Super Admin. Each hotel admin can manage hotel data from an hotel admin account. Plus, there are comprehensive tools for guest to manage rating and comments.

GoReserva hotel software is the top hotel reservation software for Joomla Open Source Content Management System. This software was designed specifically for booking hotels, villas, resorts, bed & breakfasts, apartments and other guests-based accommodations.

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GoReserva’s real time hotel booking system offers an assortment of features including:

  • Easy room management system
  • Manage room rates and allocations from any location
  • Keeps database reservations well organized with 24/7 monitoring
  • Create promotions and instantly publish directly to your web site
  • Receive hotel instant booking notifications via email directly to your guest and hotel
  • Configures options specific to each property, including language
  • Unlimited daily online rate variations
  • Instantly gather marketing data such as email addresses
  • Close-out hotel rooms for a day, week or month
  • Search confirmed hotel bookings and view total revenue generated per month
  • Multilingual feature and currency converter and Google Map search
  • Control your booking system with a user-friendly secure management area
  • And much more!

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Hotel Reservation Demo Hotel Admin Demo User Admin Demo Ask Question

GoReserva Search Module allow you to customize almost anything

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Top Advantages of Hotel Software

Goreserva Hotel software is beneficial for hotel staff, management and even guests. Everyone knows that time is money, regardless of what business you're in. Hotel software will not only make managing a hotel more convenient but it also allows you to run your business more efficiently.

The database of a hotel management software program will instantly organize all of your information from a variety of modules in the hotel system. This allows for different operations and processes to be coordinated without a glitch .

When choosing hotel software, make sure it is user-friendly. There is no point in using sophisticated software if it is too complicated to use. It should be easy enough to use so that you can train your hotel staff to access information.

Most of all, your online booking system should also be user-friendly for your customers. A guest should be able to log on and make reservations directly from the site and check their room availability.

Hotel Management Software - How it works

Hotel Management Software utilizes a graphic user interface with click technology. This allows you to do complex tasks without any programming knowledge .

The user simply clicks on a particular action they desire to perform. As a result, the software will perform the rest. Hotel management software is also excellent for organizing and storing enormous amounts of information. You can store and retrieve information about guests who are currently staying at your hotel and guests who have stayed in the past. Another great function of hotel software is that it can be used for a variety of transactions such as creating invoices.

If you're a seasoned business owner, you know that having access to this vital information is a must. Another advantage of hotel software is that it assists your guests with all they need in order to make their hotel stay a good experience.

With hotel software, you can schedule and send automatic reminders to your guests. It also helps in preventing human mistakes which can cause major problems for your guests. The goal of every hotel business should be to ensure their guests have an enjoyable hotel experience.

There is nothing more counterproductive than creating double bookings, especially during the busy season. Hotel software ensures that your staff has access to current information.

Is Hotel Software Right for Your Business?

If you're in the travel and tourism industry, having efficient hotel booking software is important. Companies that utilize software like GoReserva are more likely to experience steady growth when comparing to those who do not.

Think about it, if your competitors are using the latest software hotel programs and you’re not, this could greatly affect your company’s productivity and profits.

Lets face it. We all know that managing a hotel can be hectic at times, so why not use the most up to date hotel management system to help make your life a whole lot easier and stress free? As mentioned previously, guests (not just hotel owners) can benefit greatly from using this type of system. It is not only easy to use, it is also very safe and secure to use. All it takes is a few clicks and your staff/guests can view details of a hotel reservation.

After filling out their details, their reservation is immediately confirmed. They don't have to worry about calling the hotel to receive a confirmation. Each guest receives an email 'thank you' automatically with booking details. They can also view their reservations at that point if they desire.

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As you know, a guest's experience of booking the actual hotel can be just as important as the visit to that property. If your hotel reservation system is too complicated, it only takes a guest a few seconds to decide whether to complete a reservation or to leave a site and go else where. If your software is user-friendly, your guests will be able to make reservations easily.

Another great reason to use GoReserva hotel software is that travel agents can utilize the system directly from your website. This also offers you the opportunity to advertise last minute promotions (using deal of hotels room module) to your guests.

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