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GoReserva Hotel Reservation System Product Overview

Hotel reservation system with a difference. Why keep mounds of paperwork when you can have access to the most ideal software that will do it for you? GoReserva Hotel Reservation is a hotel software system designed to simplify the booking process and allow you to get on with running your business.  GoReserva will track customer trends and more importantly help keep the repeat customers. You can analyze reservation trends, ratings and comments while working  towards your future needs. 

  • Award winning content management hotel reservation solutions 
  • Ideal for bed and breakfasts, small & large hotels, hostels and guest houses.
  • Multilingual and Google Currency converter help you to speak in any language
  • Highly configurable and easy to use hotel software. 
  • Affordable - no cost per booking charges.  
  • Suitable web bookings online
  • Track customers and avoid double bookings
  • Analyze sales and customer reservations and increase repeat business
  • No long term contract and no hidden fee during reservations

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Have a look at some of our GoReserva Hotel Reservation System features:

Easy to Manage and Analyze Customers - Helps you to gain repeat business

GoReserva has built-in features for managing repeat customers and can record customer details for generating sales and booking reports. Make your customers feel unique and special by accepting special notes during each individual reservation. Each time you make a reservation, the room status is updated and the customer details are automatically added to the hotel database.

Making Bookings Easily

GoReserva Hotel Reservation walks you through the process of making a booking. Our software can be used by anyone! The process is merged down into two easy steps; 1. Select room 2. Submit personal and payment details Online Hotel reservation software has never been so simple!

Secure Payment Gateway - Accepting terms and conditions for more than just bookings

You can add Paypal, PayPal Pro or Authorize.net or create any custom payment gateway for this hotel booking system and each hotel admin can select what type of payment they want to accept. You can also customize and set your own terms and conditions for each hotels.

Reporting - plan ahead and analyze trends

Seeing the big picture and following the long term trends is important in your hotel. GoReserva Hotel Reservation makes this easy with Google Chart reporting system. With just one click, you can analyze trends, plot graphs and compare your performance year to date. Monitoring sales, customer cancelations, and customer trends can help super and hotel admin to manage their business and define future trends.

GoReserva Hotel Reservation - it's easy!

GoReserva (Joomla Hotel Booking System) was designed to simplify the task of online booking in Joomla Content Management Website. It provides users a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today.

Joomla Hotel Booking System (GoReserva) enhances the entire Hotel Booking web experience in Joomla!. Its flexible, simple, elegant, customizable and powerful. GoReserva is easy to install, simple to manage and the most reliable booking application in the world.