GoReserva Hotel Software

Hotel Booking System that Convert website visitors into hotel guests

Welcome to GoReserva Hotel Booking System, an established provider of reservation software systems to the worldwide travel industry. 

Our no-booking-fee proven reservation software provides you with the means to maximize the true potential of profitable Internet sales through increased direct online sales and decreased administration costs.

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Our ready made software includes template designs, search engine optimization and much more!. 

Be limitless with GoReserva

  • Unlimited hotel admin features
  • You can use for one hotel/property or many!
  • You can offer unlimited cities, states in one country
  • Also can be search for all over the world, in any continent!
  • Each hotel admin can manage rooms, rates and details

Multilingual Features 

  • You can use almost any language for your booking system and there is no limitations on how many language you can use for your website.
  • Built-in easy to use multilingual component for hotel admin
  • Multilingual module for website - So user can switch from one language to another language using just a click. 
  • Allows you to target large number of visitors by language using multilingual feature for any specific region or country. i.e. google.fr for French language website and google.es for Spanish language website.
  • As a super admin of your website, you can manage every single language from Joomla CMS site admin area.   

Unlimited Hotel - Hostel - Property - Guest House - Bed & Breakfast and Apartment Control Panel 

  • Each hotel admin has a separate hotel admin control panel
  • Easy to use hotel admin control panel allows hotel admins to manage every single property 
  • Ultra advance layer included in hotel admin login to make it secure against unauthorized login
  • From super admin account, you can manage each hotel admin from the site admin control panel   

Unlimited Rooms and Rates & Dynamic Availability

  • Hotel admin can add unlimited rooms. You can even add individual beds available in a multi-bed room, such as a hostel
  • Each room can contain unlimited rates. You can define the price for weekdays and weekends or you can define the price for any length of date during the year
  • No over booking: Automatically updates rooms availability. You can define any single room's availability for any length of date or any specific date or every single day of the year
  • When a cancellation request occurs, the system will also update availability

Unlimited categories

  • Site admin can create unlimited property categories from super admin area
  • Hotel admin can select maximum 3 categories for each hotel/property
  • User can search hotel from website by defining property categories also

Setup hotels or properties inside hotel admin control panel

  • Inside the hotel admin control panel, you can add hotel information, directions, location information, and terms and conditions
  • You can define the maximum night or days allowed to stay in each property
  • Define available of facilities for your properties
  • Upload unlimited (or limited based on configuration) images 
  • Each hotel admin can define different weekend days; i.e For USA Saturday and Sunday and for Saudi Arabia Thursday & Friday
  • Hotel admin can define which payment gateway they want to accept for for his/her hotel booking using this system. i.e. Some hotels in Bangladesh might not be interested in accepting paypal payments but for United Kingdom hotels might be different (See payment gateway feature for details)

Group booking feature

  • Each hotel admin can define if that hotel wants to accept group reservations or not
  • Define group booking age or category criteria
  • Hotel admin can also define group booking payment terms and minimum or maximum night of stay
  • Group booking search module allow user to search only group booking accepting properties 

Special or promotional offers

  • Hotel/Property admin can set up special offers or promotions on rooms from hotel admin control pane
  • Your customized promotion will display on your website for as long as you choose
  • Also, users can find special offers based on the criteria that you set in each hotels/propertie's details page
  • Hotel admin can define (create unlimited special offer) unique prices for every single special offer 

Built in Google Map

  • Hotel admin will have your hotel location in Google maps using a drag and drop feature (Its one of the most powerful feature in Goreserva hotel software and see details in Google map moudles)

Featured Listing - Promote hotel & generate additional review

  • Hotel admin can promote any specific property and it will show up right on your website
  • From the site admin, you can define duration of advertisement and price
  • Featured listing will show based on hotels country, states, and city location
  • More promotion of any specific hotel which will lead to more booking and revenue for both site and hotel admin.   

Advance hotel booking report using Goolge Cart Tools & Built in API

  • Sales analyzing report:  Allows you to generate report by year or any specific date range 
  • Customer analyzing report: Allows you to generate reports based on hotel customers; its also helps hotel admin learn where the most potential customers are located

Deal of the month module

  • Allows you to display all special deals on your website
  • You can configure your modules for any country, state or cities
  • You can create unlimited deal of the month modules, using any configuration
  • A very interactive way to display and promote a specific hotel property